Monthly Archives: June 2013

To give up or not to give up – THAT is the QUESTION


You come to Hyper Monkey saying you have come here to learn kickboxing, zumba, yoga, burn fat, get flat abs, become tough, get FIT and many more reasons. All are great reasons to come here because we are here to do just that! But the question remains what are you doing about it?

Exercises start and next thing you know everyone has the look saying you got to be joking-‘ten more counts’ ‘How can we do that’!!! The point of pushing your body a little more than what it has been used to is how you build it, make it tough.

Giving up and wondering whether you are able to do that particular exercise is all on in your head. Your mind is not used to pushing your body beyond its usual routine. That is why many people reach a stagnant point in their exercise regime where they do not go forward, fearing that if they go more, they might break something. It’s hard to break the ‘comfort zone’ and that’s why results take longer to be seen.

Simple tip! Come to class everyday with a determination that you are going to do a minimum of ten-twenty counts more of each exercise than you did in the previous class, complete one more song than the previous one, perform a particular asana longer than you have before.  A small gradual increase to push your body and move beyond the stagnant point. Mind is the power source so get your mind to push your body in the very beginning and you shall see a marked difference. Leave all your complaints about how “this exercise is too tough” and “that exercise I can do only so much” at home.

You came here to grow, to be strong, to workout, to BE FIT. No point in coming to class and remaining the same as you were the last week. Every single cell in your body has changed since then so it’s time YOU make the change as well.