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Musings of a Stiff Yogi


Yoga pose

Standing in the moment, palms together, eyes closed, visualizing the sun and gathering the energies from all around, we begin moving and go through the sequences of Suryanamaskars initiating our yoga session. The slow and controlled movement makes us break into a sweat in the second cycle itself and one is thinking to himself this is not as easy as one thought it would be.

Shifting from the Suryanamskars we go into various Asanas while keeping the sequence going and that’s when things get really interesting. Learning how to move from static poses to dynamic ones, controlled, and activating the right kind of muscles, well it turns out we are more unsure of our bodies than we care to realize. Things running through a person’s mind would be that it’s too tough, too easy, too slow, too boring but those don’t even come close. While moving you realize that you are not only trying to balance your entire body weight and move it in a controlled manner, your mind has to be in complete sync with your body for you be able to make those movements without collapsing like a house of cards.

Yoga helps balance the mind and body, not by just sitting around and meditating (though that also is part of it and great for the body-mind connection) but by moving from one difficult stance to another. It teaches you how to use your body and activate the muscles needed to hold a certain pose, giving you a full understanding of what the body and mind are capable of when they work together. It teaches you that with patience and persistence, you can break through any mental barrier you might have held and achieve a physical feat which you thought to be impossible at the beginning.

Adding a yoga routine to your weekly workout regime will improve your workout and shift you into another level of fitness, keeping your body nimble the whole time. Throughout the week, you may be stressing out your muscles through cardio and strength training, yoga will really help relax those muscles through the extreme stretches thereby improving the flexibility and the conditionining of the muscles of the body. We all know that it helps improve concentration and keeps the mind calm and it does just that as to maintain any particular pose you can’t have your mind wandering about thinking about dinner :D.

For more benefits go online and reasearch but why trust the internetalone when you can go and try it out yourself. Mix it up don’t get stuck with one kind of routine when working out but make sure that one of the workouts in your entire week is a yoga session and you will be surprised at how helpful it is to add it to your workout repertoire. Yoga is more fun than you can imagine you just need to let it be that. Another fun workout!


Everyone starts somewhereGreat! Now that I’ve got your attention, what I mean to say is you don’t have to be fit to join Hyper Monkey Fitness. That’s what we are there for. To make you FIT! I hear a lot of people come to me and tell me, ‘I don’t think I am fit enough yet to start Kickboxing classes, yoga classes, zumba classes etc etc, maybe I’ll run for a few weeks and then start up’. Hogwash! Of course you are fit enough. The minute you decide to start working out, you’ve become mentally prepared to go through the training required to be fit. And you can start that by diving straight into the classes that are available. You obviously take the class at your own pace initially, since every individual is different and has a varied level of fitness to begin with! You can start from scratch. Not having worked out even for a single day of your life. You learn new things every class, you get to do something different, you enjoy your workout, and you have a lot of fun in the company of other people as well! Now why would you want to postpone this? Remember you don’t need to be at any level of fitness to enjoy the most fun workouts around. Just START already!

To give up or not to give up – THAT is the QUESTION


You come to Hyper Monkey saying you have come here to learn kickboxing, zumba, yoga, burn fat, get flat abs, become tough, get FIT and many more reasons. All are great reasons to come here because we are here to do just that! But the question remains what are you doing about it?

Exercises start and next thing you know everyone has the look saying you got to be joking-‘ten more counts’ ‘How can we do that’!!! The point of pushing your body a little more than what it has been used to is how you build it, make it tough.

Giving up and wondering whether you are able to do that particular exercise is all on in your head. Your mind is not used to pushing your body beyond its usual routine. That is why many people reach a stagnant point in their exercise regime where they do not go forward, fearing that if they go more, they might break something. It’s hard to break the ‘comfort zone’ and that’s why results take longer to be seen.

Simple tip! Come to class everyday with a determination that you are going to do a minimum of ten-twenty counts more of each exercise than you did in the previous class, complete one more song than the previous one, perform a particular asana longer than you have before.  A small gradual increase to push your body and move beyond the stagnant point. Mind is the power source so get your mind to push your body in the very beginning and you shall see a marked difference. Leave all your complaints about how “this exercise is too tough” and “that exercise I can do only so much” at home.

You came here to grow, to be strong, to workout, to BE FIT. No point in coming to class and remaining the same as you were the last week. Every single cell in your body has changed since then so it’s time YOU make the change as well.