Everyone starts somewhereGreat! Now that I’ve got your attention, what I mean to say is you don’t have to be fit to join Hyper Monkey Fitness. That’s what we are there for. To make you FIT! I hear a lot of people come to me and tell me, ‘I don’t think I am fit enough yet to start Kickboxing classes, yoga classes, zumba classes etc etc, maybe I’ll run for a few weeks and then start up’. Hogwash! Of course you are fit enough. The minute you decide to start working out, you’ve become mentally prepared to go through the training required to be fit. And you can start that by diving straight into the classes that are available. You obviously take the class at your own pace initially, since every individual is different and has a varied level of fitness to begin with! You can start from scratch. Not having worked out even for a single day of your life. You learn new things every class, you get to do something different, you enjoy your workout, and you have a lot of fun in the company of other people as well! Now why would you want to postpone this? Remember you don’t need to be at any level of fitness to enjoy the most fun workouts around. Just START already!

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