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Unlock those inner chakras strengthen those cores. Unite the forces of the universe to give you that overflowing energy you need to run your life with yoga! Our yoga classes are intense yet relaxing and leaves you fresher than when you started.

Hyper Chiefs

Our Yoga Instructors


This swashbuckling interpretation of a martial art, that will leave you feeling like Tyson and Bruce lee rolled in one. These high-energy sessions are power-packed and are just what you need for self-defense and de-stressing. Side effects could include extreme confidence and a wonderful ability to kick butt.

Hyper Chiefs

Our Kickboxing Instructors


Party yourself into shape!!! It’s an exhilarating effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

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Our Zumba Instructors

Monkey Madness

Run.Fly.Jump. A Mixed bag of parkour and gymnastics ready to unleash the Tarzan in you. Apeman 101 certified by George (of the Jungle) himself.

Hyper Chiefs

Our Monkey Madness Instructors
Siddarth Abraham

Bag Sessions

This is from the Rocky Balboa school of how to knock a Soviet baddie out. Get a feel of sparring and pseudo knocking yourself out. Anger management at its most dangerous.

Hyper Chiefs

Our Bag Sessions Instructors

Death By Monkey

It’s shock and awe time for your body. DBM’s our version of high cardio, high endurance workout meant to build stamina and tone those muscles. It’s an unpredictable, high intensity session that prepares for any physical contingency and logically lends you a performance advantage in any sport. Workouts are based on three fundamental attributes (load, distance and speed) at the end of which you’ll be ready to join the marines.

Hyper Chiefs

Our Death By Monkey Instructors