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Now here, you'd think "Hey, you've got everything in place now, there just couldn't possibly be any reason for you not be part of the best workouts in town. All you've got to do is come down and check it for yourself. It's that simple. What more could you do??

Well we'll tell you what more we could do - we could put you on the path to making Hyper Monkey part of your new radical lifestyle. By the time we're done with you, you'll be the coolest cat in the neighborhood along with being in the best shape of your life, age no bar. That's what we could do.
When you embrace the Hyper Monkey agenda, you know its time its time to knuckle down, hydrate and have some fun.

One feedback we've gotten from hyper monkey country is that our workouts are liberating-like 'gives you wings'. And, while we truly appreciate the great feedback, that is no accident.

We have painstakingly devised various ways of making your workouts an enlightening experience, making sure you not only look great but feel great as well.

That's why we thought to let you all know what goes on behind the scenes..
First, we put together a super cocktail of various sessions all designed to give you the maximum overall zing to your workout. With bucket loads of variety thrown in to make everyday radical.
Second, we've sourced top of the line Hyper Chiefs, hard to the core and fun to the bone. Some serious professionals we're talking about here. High quality Chiefs = high quality workouts [Scientific FACT]
Third, we've put all this in a sweet pad, which will press all the right buttons to unlock the atomic bomb inside you. Set up is all legit, showers, punching bags, pull bars, Xbox, Energizer bunny atmosphere CHECK. This is what we call the "frills"


• Hyper Monkey believes in long term commitments! We will hound you if you are not regular and ensure we listen to all your problems.

• We at Hyper Monkey are like AGONY AUNTS- we’ll listen to your fitness needs and give the best advice leaving you rejuvenated and happy!

• Hyper Monkey trainers are the happiest bunch you will meet around! Wake them up at 2AM and they’ll still smile and welcome you! But don’t complain when your workout suddenly becomes a lot tougher that day.

• The exercises are ‘easy’ for a reason! We want you to know you can do it and are capable of it!

• Democracy is what we believe in! Feel free to ask for any particular workout! You shall receive it in plenty!

• We smile when we give exercises because we expect you do them-with a smile of course.

• Pain is weakness leaving the body- so remember when you feel that good workout pain, you know that you are only getting stronger.

• Be careful about what you wish for-things are not always what they seem. For E.g. A break need not necessarily mean time to go get water.

• Our workouts are designed to make sure different parts of the body are being used which also means different parts of your mind are being tested as well. Witness mind and body fitness all rolled up neatly in one package!

• We want you to know that you can be like Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and the one and only Rajnikanth. It’s 99% persistence, 1% magic!

• We not only get you FIT, WE KEEP YOU FIT!


How many people are there per batch?
The centre can hold 50 people at a time but we are capping the class strength at 30. So there would be a maximum of 30 people per batch.

Would I get individualized attention?
Since all the classes are instructional based and have an instructor, you know that you will be taken care off. The instructors will be around to make sure everyone is working out hard and working out right.

Will I get bored?
Judging from the name of the place you can be sure that boredom will be the last thing on your mind. The idea of providing different workouts everyday is that you have a choice of what class you would like to attend and have the availability of a different workout session every day.

Are the Trainers Certified and Experienced?
Yes, all our trainers are certified and experienced.

How many classes can one do per day?
You can do as many classes as you like that are available in a day, though we would recommend a maximum of two and if you think you are up to it, three at the most.

Will I be able to start with all the classes without prior training?
Yes you can join at anytime and there is no need for prior training. Best time to start is now and nothing better than getting trained with a variety of exercises. Your fitness will progress at a much higher and faster rate as well.

How will I lose weight without equipment?
The classes are intense and meant to make you functionally fit. All the classes rely on you using your whole body to workout. And when your whole body works out you lose weight as well as tone up completely.

Are the Kickboxing classes full contact classes?
The classes are non combat. You learn the techniques, punch and kick the pads and bags and we are more fitness oriented hence there will be no sparring and definitely not at the beginning level.

What if a class is cancelled or the schedule is changed?
You shall be notified via mail or a text message or both. You are still free to take whatever session might happen that that time slot.

What are the modes of payment?
You can pay by Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Online Transfer or by cheque.

What do I need to wear?
Workout attire (any comfortable clothing which allows you to stretch). The centre flooring is covered by 25mm thick foam matting so all the training is done barefoot. SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE MATS. (Unless you have medical reasons for wearing them, in that case you will need to make sure the shoes are new and used exclusively at the centre).

How do I become a member?
Membership is easy. Come down to the centre, try out the classes and then sign up, as simple as that.
(Trial classes are FREE!)

What are the packages/fees?
We have monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly packages priced in such a way that we want that long term commitment from you to show you how effective working out with us is.

What are the working hours?
We are open from 6:30am to 11:30am, 6:30pm – 9:30pm. Since we are not a regular gym, we have a schedule where you can find out what classes are happening and when.

What are your amenities?
There are locker and shower facilities with hot and cold water, drinking water and bottles are also provided.
Along with this, the Hyper Monkey Fitness kit is available at an additional charge. We have a few other elements which can be experienced when you come down to the centre.

I would like to change/update my billing information. How can I do that?
To change or update your current billing information, you will want to contact us directly as

I'd like to cancel my membership. How do I get started?
We would like to know why you would like to cancel your membership and is always looking to make sure that we make your workout fun. If it is for reasons that are unavoidable, then please contact any one of the concerned available at the centre.

Can I take a trial class at Hyper Monkey before joining?
Yes you can take 4 free trial classes i.e. one trial of each of the classes- Kickboxing, Zumba, Death By Monkey and Yoga.
However all liabilities that may occur as a result of the trial class including physical injuries, traumas shall be borne by you.

Can I delay the start of my membership?
Yes you can. You can always pay on a particular day and start the membership only when you start your classes

Can I freeze my membership?
Yes you can, depending on the kind of package that you have taken. Please contact the Hyper Monkeys to help you with that.


'Intense workout sessions everyday. Something different unlike the boring gym sessions. U can actually feel the heat and the calories burning out. Zumba, core-ga and DBM are my personal favourites.'
- Sandra Aveena Monis

'My favourite place. I love being here..Everyday am usually here.. Love the people associated there and even though I stay quite far, I can't compromise on a fun filled place for distance. Jus loved the sessions.. Hyper monkey people u rock'
-Meenakshi Gairola

'Love love love Hypermonkey, you folks keep me coming back everyday and the one hour is something I look forward to every single day! smile emoticon you guys are the best!'
-Madhu Thaloor

'A great place to keep your body fit with zero boredom. Zumba is fun . kick boxing is superb .. And after DBM you can feel the kickass pain in the ass'
-Shubham Dhoot

'So much energy, great vibe, lovely crew with the brightest smiles.... I looooveeee the hyperness'
-Srilakshmi Reddy

'My boss says I am very sincere at work. But I know that Hyper Monkey is something for which I am more sincere and I can ditch my office work for DBM@Hyper Monkey. Thanks to HYPER MONKEY for making exercise so much fun.'
-Supreet Kaur Gulati

'Hyper Monkey gives you wings... and definitely changes lives... Special thanks to the entire team for boosting up energy and giving a different perspective about fitness.. None the less special thanks to Smitha and Rohit (our zumba instructors) who are simply awesome n made me end up becoming a zumba instructor myself....:-) :-)'
- Anjana Minj

'My initial thought about the place when I heard about this place was that it was something of a regular gym, where most of the instructors are on the phone or walking around marketing the place with a imaginative sign board on their "built" chest " This place is what made me" .
I was introduced to this place by my sister and since then I haven't looked back .
With the fitness program, this place also is a hub of positive energy ! For me personally it has become a temple of peace and awesomeness combined !
There are no trainers here, just friends who you can trust with the instructions they give you.
They actually have made fitness fun which itself is one of the greatest accomplishments in the world of Fitness so and so that I have been asked to go back home because I managed to overdo myself which in my case, never thought possible.
To Hyper Monkey : You guys are awesome ! *With tears in my eyes and sniff from the nose *
Cheers !'
-Vivek Ramnani

'Hyper Monkey has become my second home! Siddarth and Mansoor, I absolutely, absolutely, love your workouts! I am completely addicted! Smitha, your Zumba is fabulous! All your energy levels are simply amazing! Yoga is redefined for me, Charan, my salutations to you! My journey for more than a year with you all, has been nothing less than surreal! The workouts are so varied each day and there has been zero boredom, which is fantabulous! The pain in the body continues, its almost feels a part of me now :) Thank you, Hyper Monkey for making me STRONG'
-Preethi Machani

'Get fit the fun way..... HMF is my happy place.... Excellent facility with trainers who listen to you complaint n curse while you do your burpees but still have big smile on their faces n encourage you all the way....
Apart frm your mind not getting bored your body will not get used to the workouts... n results are awesome...'
-Richa Pokharia Virdi

'Killer work out sessions ...Resulting in a Healthy Physique n a Balanced Mind r Side Effects of HMF . Apart from this , what drives us there every morning is the Sheer Happiness of meeting an absolute crazy but extremely warm bunch friends n trainers who make our mornings also a fun time of d day!'
-Ritu Sureka

'The bestest place to workout! Awesome vibe and energy! Puttu screaming at you works as a huge motivation for an otherwise laid back person like me.....Zumba is topnotch....bascially if u wanna get killed in a good way be here!'
-Priya Paramesh Sreedhar

'Unconventionally cool ways to workout. Good instructors'
-Dirk Lewis

'Great place! having a great time here'
-Bernard Corraya

'Weird Dubbing Voice* Pehle mein gym jaake bore hota thaaa...Sadko pe daudta tha..LEKIN Jab se mere life mein #HYPERMONKEY...aaya tab se mere mein Hyper-Ness aur monkey-ness dono aa gaye hain... ;-P
Thanks to the MIND BLOWING Freaks Siddarth, Mansoor, Sanket and Sundeep for making workouts at #HyperMonkey so cool and ever so awesome...
Its just not the workouts BUT also the camaraderie that you guys bring to the table that's heartwarming and puts a smile on all the Hyper Monkeys...
Keep up the great work guys...Here's to a gazillion more awesome workouts..'
-Ashish Gyan

'Its better than sex!!!'
-Param Bhattacharyya

'Working out is supah fun at Hyper Monkey. The guys there make you sweat without killing yourself. You laugh n have fun...all while packing in quite a workout...Thank you guys! :-)'
-Riddhima Rajkumar

'The best place to workout. Awesome instructors who actually make it fun. And it has best of all..Zumba, Yoga, KickBoxing, DBM, BagSession.. One would never get bored here. I M ADDICTED to this place.. :) and i m loving it :) ..'
-Gaytri Vatnani

'I have never met people more dedicated to getting you healthy and fit than the proprietors and instructors of Hyper Monkey Fitness. The best part is they make it heaps of fun! Thanks, guys!'
-Denver John Lobo